Understanding the Privacy Label

Here you can learn more about:

  1. What all the parts of the label are about
  2. How you can create your own labels
  3. For software developers: how you can have your software generate labels

1. Label structure

If you have questions about the meaning of certain parts of the label, there are detailed pages that go into each section:

2. Label creation

Creating your own privacylabel is easy to do. You can even start with a template to save some time. The label creation tool should offer some basic guidance, but if you have specific questions, hopefully they are answered here. Follow the steps in the menu on the right to learn everything there is to know.

Open to the tool
Read the documentation

3. Using our open source Javascript label generation library

You can make your software export privacy labels. We've created a simple Javascript library for this purpose. It takes the JSON code that represents a label, and then turns this into HTML which can be displayed on any website (or printed).

Get the code
Read the development documentation