Taking action

The European Union guarantees its citizens certain rights. These include:

The right to see information The organisation which processes your personal data has the obligation to be transparent on what they do with your personal data and inform you in a clear manner.
The right to fix information If might be that the data about you is incorrect. In this case you have the right to have this data changed so that it's accurate.

Contact the organisation

To excersize your rights you should be able to contact the organisation, and receive a reply within (at most) a month. European law requires organisation that have more than 100 employees to have assigned a specific employee that handles privacy questions.

Read the full privacy statement

By using the privacy label, this organisation is making an effort to inform you in an easy to understand way. The privacy label is a summary of a much more detailed privacy statement, which you may want to read to further inform yourself. The label may be placed above such a statement, or link to it.