Upgrade your privacy statement

Privacy Label helps you communicate how you use data.

Privacy, in a nutshell

Privacy Label is a communication tool that helps explain how an organization collects, processes and shares data.

It can summarize the privacy statement for a project, a product, an entire organisation, or just a small form.

Why should I put a label on my website?

The General Data Protection Regulation requires organizations to more clearly communicate how data is collected and processed. Privacy Label doesn't just help you communicate better, it helps you be more compliant too.

How do I get a Privacy Label?

Easy! Just click on the button below:

Create your own (BETA)


Free & Open

Privacy Label is a non-profit open standard.


Most of the label can be translated with one click.

GDPR inspired

Using the label improves your GDPR compliance.


The label adapts itself to the visual style of your website. 

Easy to make

Use our online tool to create one, or implement it in your software.

No tracking 

The label makes no connections to our servers. 

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