Action guide

European Privacy law offers European citizens a range of rights. For example:

  • The right to see data that has been collected about them.
  • The right of data portability, which requires that data to be handed over in a format that allows it to be re-inserted at another service provider.
  • The right to have errors in the data fixed

To allows citizens to act on these rights, EU law also requires each organisation to appoint someone who is the contact point for handling these requests. In small organisations this could be a role take someone takes on. If an organisation has more than 100 employees, then contact information for this person must be provided.

Options for data management

The label has a few options which allow people to learn or do more themselves, or get in touch.

‌Please add at least one of these options:

Privacy Policy

The label is only a summary. You will still need to provide a complete privacy statement. It could be that you've placed the label above that statement. But it could also be located at a different URL entirely. This that case you can provide a link to that document in the label by entering a URL here.

Manage data

You may have developed a special web page where people can manage their data. For example, a page where they can download their data. If you have a webpage like this, then you can provide a link to it in the label by entering the URL here.

Contact link or email address

If you have a page on your website where people can find contact information, then you can link to it by entering the URL here. Alternatively you can also provide the email address of whomever is responsible for handling the privacy requests. Technically you could add both, but we don't recommend that.

Phone number

If you have a phone number which people can use, then you can add it as well. This is a great option for the vision impaired.


If your website supports it, provide URL's that start with https.