Explainer: Location

Where is your data stored?

Wait, where?

Most personal data is stored for a certain time by organisations. It might be stored in a folder somewhere in an archive in the office or storage room. However, most data nowadays is stored on a computer or on a (cloud) server. This category describes where the data is being stored.

GDPR or GDP-aren't?

In the Privacy Label we differentiate in personal data which is stored inside the European Union (EU) and outside the EU. We do this, because we believe it’s important for you to know whether your information is protected by the GDPR and other European law. 

‌This does not mean all data which is stored outside the EU isn't safe. However, there might be some risks. For instance, in some countries outside the EU, authorities might have access to all data, or storage possibilities might not be as safe as you hope.  


Office archive

When people think of data storage, they often only think of digital data. However, a lot of personal data is still stored in physical files at the office.

Online cloud

Many organisations use online cloud services to store their data online. This might mean data is sent to servers all over the world. Where data is stored might influence its level of legal protection.

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