Privacy Label Quick Tool

With this tool you can create your own privacy label. Please select an option to begin:


If nothing happens, try refeshing the page.


Pick an option that closely matches your situation. Before picking one you will see a preview.


If nothing happens, go back and try opening the templates page again.


Paste your code into the area below, and click the import button.


If your label is ready, there are a few ways you can share your creation with the world:

Embed in a website

You can embed a privacy label in your website, for example at the top of your privacy statement. The label is completely stand-alone, meaning it never connects to our servers to download anything.

Share a link

If you don't want to embed the label on your website, you can create a link that will show users this label. The only limitation is that the label won't contain your explanations. This is because we don't store your label on our servers - the data is encoded in the link itself.

Try it (opens new window)

JSON code

Did you know you can click on the word CODE at the bottom of every label to see its "JSON" code?

JSON is a popular data exchange format. By having a JSON code embedded in the label, it becomes easier for computers to read. You can also import that code back into this Quick Tool.