Why Privacy Label?

Because we can

Personal data must be processed lawfully, fairly and in a transparent manner in relation to the data subject. Organisations must provide information relating processing activities. The information should be provided in a concise, transparent, intelligible and easily accessible form, using clear and plain language. Privacy Label aims to help you communicate clearly about privacy towards your data subjects. Therefore, it helps your organisation in GDPR-compliancy.

Privacy Label fits any situation

Privacy Label can be used any time you need to communicate about privacy. As a summary of your whole privacy statement, or just for a single processing activity.

Above your privacy statement

You can place it above your privacy statement, in a cookie banner, under a web form, hard copy in a folder or any where else where you need to communicatie about privacy

Your whole organiastion

Y‌ou may want to paint a 'big picture' of how your organisation deals with data. If you can make a privacy statement for it, you can make a label for it.

Learn more 

Perhaps you are selling a smart device, or maybe you're organising an event. In these cases a label can give some answers to your customers or visitors.

Become digital aware 

When you're asking users to fill in a form, they may wonder how that specific data will be used and how long it will be stored.

Privacy Label helps People

People will have a better understanding of privacy, when they at least have an idea of what is going on. When you know what privacy is, you can make up your mind on what you beleve is right.

Information at a glance

You can see privacy information at a glance. In one simple framework you'll the most important information

Accessible information

Privacy Label stays away from most jargon. However, sometimes we need this jargon. If so, we will explain what it means.

Find out more

Privacy Label can learn you more about privacy and privacy legislation. If you want to know more about a specific organisation, its label helps you to understand their privacy statement.

Become digital aware

Find out more about privacy or compare different labels. This way you'll learn more about privacy and you'll become more digital aware!

Privacy Label helps Organisations

Clear communication is an obligation by law. Privacy Label makes it easy for organiastions to do so.

G‌DPR Compliance 

The General Data Protection Regulation asks that we better communicate how personal data is used. Privacy Label is designed to deal with these requirements

Free to use and easy to make

Privacy label is an open standard, governed by a foundation. We wanted to remove as many barriers to adoption as possible.

Your own house style

You can adapt Privacy Label to your own house style. This way Privacy Labels really is a part of your company's communication.

Automatic translation

We designed the label in such a way, all possible outcomes are predictable. This means you just make a label once and we automatically translate it into all European languages