Privacy label presented at the Dutch National Privacy Conference 2019

On the 28th of januari 2019 we presented an early work-in-progress version of the privacy label to a large audience of privacy professionals. This was made possible by ECP, who not only sparked the creation of the label, but also supports its development. The privacy working group has supported the development with valuable feedback, and with volunteers that applied the label in their own field.

This version also incorporated the first round of feedback we got from our academic partners. Thanks to the support of Surfnet we were able to get a number of Dutch universities to test out the label as well.

For example, this version of the label has switched to a vertical format, as most websites had trouble fitting the horizontal version.

We also demonstrated our advanced online tool - the label manager - which allows users to create and manage multiple labels.

We connected with a lot of new professionals and hope to continue improving the label with their help as well.