Make your own label

So, you want a privacy label? Great! Here's what you need:

U‌se the tool 

With our management tool you can easily create and keep track of multiple labels. It's free to use.

Read the guide 

While the label is very forgiving, there are some rules you have to follow to create a label. 

Integrate Privacy Label in your software

If you're a developer and you want to generate privacy labels from your existing software, then this is for you:

javascript library

Coming soon: use our javascript library to export privacy labels from your own data management system. 


The javascript library transforms a standardised JSON format into a privacy label.

What's the catch?

There isn't any. Privacy Label in being developed with public funding by a consortium of organisations that care about privacy. It's an open standard, and its governance is being placed in a non-profit foundation.

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Implement privacy Label in your organisation

With Privacy Label we created an open communication standard to provide clear, transparent and multi-layered privacy information to people, which should help organisations relatively easy to give privacy information at a glance. Next to the standard we a reference implementation tool to show how you can make privacy labels yourself as an organisation. But we believe it’s important to be able to create privacy labels in ways that are fit for your organisation.

You can use Privacy Label as you see fit. Here are some documents which could help you and guidelines to impelent the label in a good manner!

Instruction manual: Create your own labels

With our reference implementatin 'Privacy Label Manager' tool you can create your own labels. This manual will help you!

Privacy Label design guidelines

Dream includes attractive and flexible font pairs to suit a range of purposes - we've done the hunting for you you!

Coming Soon
Privacy label: technical standard

Dream includes attractive and flexible font pairs to suit a range of purposes - we've done the hunting for you you!

Comming Soon
What's in a privacy statement?

Privacy Label is a first layer of privacy communication. The label does not substitute the privacy statement. Therefore, it's important to also have your privacy statement up to date and complete.

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privacy label slide deck

To inform others about Privacy Label we provide a small pdf presentation.