Make your own label

So, you want a privacy label? Great! Here's what you need:

U‌se the Quick tool 

We recommend using our Quick Tool, which helps you make a label in no time.

U‌se the Label Manager 

If you want to manager a lof of labels, our Label Management tool can help. It's free to use.

Read the guide 

Our in-depth guide helps you become a privacylabel guru.. 

Integrate Privacy Label in your software

If you're a developer and you want to generate privacy labels from your existing software, then this is for you:

javascript library

Coming soon: use our javascript library to export privacy labels from your own data management system. 


The javascript library transforms a standardised JSON format into a privacy label.

What's the catch?

There isn't any. Privacy Label in being developed with public funding by a consortium of organisations that care about privacy. It's an open standard, and its governance is being placed in a non-profit foundation.

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“We like to think of the privacy label as an ingredients list. It tells you what's in your cereal, but doesn't judge.”

- Coen, Privacy Label expert