It's free!

Privacy label is an open standard, governed by a foundation.
We wanted to remove as many barriers to adoption as possible. 

Privacy label can fit any situation

Use it with a single web form 

When you're asking users to fill in a form, they may wonder how that specific data will be used and how long it will be stored. 

Use it for a product or project

Perhaps you are selling a smart device, or maybe you're organising an event. In these cases a label can give some answers to your customers or visitors.

Use it for an entire organisation

Y‌ou may want to paint a 'big picture' of how your organisation deals with data. 
If you can make a privacy statement for it, you can make a label for it. 

It improves compliance

The General Data Protection Regulation asks that we better communicate how data is used. The Privacy Label was designed to deal with these new requirements.

Automatic translation

We designed the label in such a way that all possible outcomes are predictable. This means that you just have to create the label once, and we automatically translate it into all European languages.