Automated decision making and profiling

Does a computer make desicions which have influence on your life?


If adecision is taken automatically, i.e. without human intervention, during theprocessing of personal data, this is referred to as an 'automated decision.' For example, whether or not someone is creditworthy. So, without any human looked at it, someone is placed in a certain box.

This entails various risks, thinking of exclusion or stigmatisation. More information about the rights of those involved in automatic decision-making canbe found here. Automated decision-making is not allowed just like that, unless certain conditions are met.

Profiling is used to make predictions or to draw conclusions about people's characteristics, characteristics or behavioural patterns. Data from different sources are often used. Organisations do this, for example, in order to be ableto better tailor their services to the personal needs of their users. Profiling involves those involved if it leads to the strengthening of stereotypes, the exclusion of services or unjustified discrimination.  



A website might track your online behaviour to create a profile on you and anticipate on your future purchases.


A self-learning algorithm might make decisions on what medication you'll get for your disease.